Disable Windows 7 Tab Thumbnails in Opera 10.5

By | December 26, 2009

Disable Windows 7 Tab Thumbnails in Opera 10.5Here is a quick way on how you can disable Windows 7 Aero Peek for Opera 10.5 web browser.

Right click on opera.exe
Properties > Compatibility, check “Run this program in compatibility mode” and select Windows Vista SP.

Apply settings.

That’s it.

You can now type the following text in the address bar:
Uncheck highlighted setting.

Thanks to Rafael Luik for that!


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  1. peji says:

    tanx . it were difficult to manage windows when there were so many tabs .
    opera is only browser that can hold a huge amount of tabs

  2. bingo007 says:

    why would anybody want to disable it?

    • pap911 says:

      because with that jumplist You can’t simply minimalize and restore Opera. even if there is one tab opened

  3. peji says:

    why not ? if you use just 8 – 9 tabs , it’s very nice and use full … but ifyou usually open 100 – 200 tabs in 8 – 9 windows , you will berfer using areo to manage windows not tabs .

    opera has a mouse over tab preview and visual tabs . very use ful tools to manage tabs .

    IE and firefox usually crashes when I opean more than 20 tabs .
    and chrome takes a huge amount of memory . really huge . safari has a very bad tab managing UI , like FF . but if you use a huge amount of add-ones in FF , it will has a better tab managing UI …

    and IE … let’s don’t talk about it

  4. ozzy says:

    Thank you very much. Although it took me some time to find this site, I fortunately found it. Useful USEFUL tip. “You can’t simply minimalize and restore Opera” – that’s what annoyed me.