Mozilla To Continue Supporting Windows XP

By | October 28, 2013

Mozilla To Continue Supporting Windows XP Just let it die already.

Earlier this month, Google has announced that they will go an extra mile and support Windows XP for a longer period than the Microsoft itself.

Now, it looks like Mozilla will do the very same thing and continue supporting a decade old operating system. Why? Because there are still millions of XP users out there and both companies see value in providing users with the support that they need. And as long as users will get what they want, there will be little to no initiative to finally migrate to something else, like Windows 7.

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  1. bert says:

    at least the people on XP won’t be holding the web back.

  2. TestBawak says:

    I dont really see the reason to use unsupported OS.

    • Rafael Luik says:

      The new Windows isn’t free and the hardware it’d require isn’t either.

      This isn’t the full story of course, there are technophobes, and enterprises stuck with old IE versions for some software, and the home users who aren’t tech-savvy enough to switch to Linux, etc.

      • The Fact Provider says:

        Windows 8 is shit, and only kids who started using pcs in 2009 or something with Windows 7 as their first OS likes it….

        I started using PCs in 1999 with Windows 98, switched directly to XP in 2002, switched to Vista in 2008 and reverted to XP the same year. I went for Windows 7 in 2011, and this year I went for Windows 8. But it is bullshit, and I dont need touch screen on my PC, my Smart Phone is good enough! I am back with Windows 7, and planning to start using Linux next year….

        I used XP SP2 which was unsupported in 2010, and nothing happened. The malware stuff is over exagarrated and malwayers usually target newer OSs….

    • The Fact Provider says:

      Thats because you are a kid who started using pcs in 2009 or something never used XP, and started with 7….

  3. The Fact Provider says:

    I love Mozilla!!!!