First Opera 19 Build Released

By | October 25, 2013

First Opera 19 Build ReleasedBrings very little to the table.

If you’ve been expecting some major changes in the very first build of Opera 19, then you are up for quite a disappointment. Yesterday, Norwegian browser maker has announced the availability of Opera 19 Developer, which, besides known issues and some bug fixes, now includes an option for ‘Advanced Settings’.

What is it for? By navigating to opera:settings, you can now enable / disable hardware acceleration and ‘Disable tab bar’s top spacing when browser window is maximized’. That’s pretty much it, although Opera promised to bring more options in the future, so at least we have that.

Is there anything else worth mentioning? Not really, at least for now.

Opera 19 Developer

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    As I have been saying for many months, Opera will never again be the Opera we all knew from “before”. They just don’t care about the user!

  2. Friv Para says:

    I agree with your comments if O upgrade will attract more people

  3. Wolfwar says:

    there is a big thing

  4. Eli Mitchell says:

    Lately I have been less critical of the “new Opera”. Take, for example, the bookmarks issue. I actually now think that their new Speed Dial removes the need for bookmarks. Because of the speed dial folder features and the speed dial search feature, I think it will work in the place of bookmarks.

    Another thing I like is the opera://flags page. I found a cool feature I could turn on through that page called “Lazy Loading”. It allows me to resume my previous browsing session without loading more than the current tab until I click on the others. It is superb for me!

    • barkee99 says:

      they’ve given another bookmarks option, quick access bar, which fixes many of the problems introduced by the tablet-centric speed dial … BUT it required a cut & paste from a chrome profile for it to work for me – otherwise I’d have been adding links 1 by 1!