Chrome’s And Opera’s Auto Complete Feature Could Leak Your Credit Card Data

By | October 29, 2013

Chrome's And Opera's Auto Complete Feature Could Leak Your Credit Card DataThe power of automation.

When it comes to filling online forms, nothing comes close to auto complete. Now, it looks like Google’s implementation is something you should be concerned about, especially if Chrome (or Opera 15+) has your credit card data.

So what’s the big deal? By selecting one of the available auto complete data sets, users can have their forms filled automatically. However, assuming Chrome or Opera has your personal data, a sneaky web site could very well use hidden forms to retrieve your email address, credit card numbers and so on.

Not only that but users have no control on what’s being sent to the server and neither Chrome nor Opera notify you about the data that is about to be transmitted.

Until auto complete implementation is changed, you should consider disabling such feature or simply using a different web browser.

[Via: GHacks]

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