Microsoft Edge Will Natively Support Skype Later This Year

By | September 22, 2015

Microsoft Edge Will Natively Support Skype Later This YearAnd few other bits.

In the world where everyone wants to move away from the plug-ins, it looks like developers behind Microsoft Edge feel the same way.

As detailed in the recent Skype Blog post, Microsoft’s web browser now supports ORTC API, which enables features like scalable video coding and simulcast. Therefore, users soon won’t have to install any Skype plug-ins and will be able to make video or voice calls without any effort.

While the is no exact ETA (as it’s software after all), the software giant did say that Skype for Web will be coming later this year.

On a side-note, Microsoft has also published a new post, which explains their thinking behind Edge version numbers.

[Via: Skype]

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  1. Olivia says:

    Typical MS not playing along with the rest of the kids with an established standard WebRTC but they have to go re-invent the wheel with their own ORTC.