Stream & Play PC / NES / Playstation Games Through Google Chrome

By | September 21, 2015

Stream & Play PC / NES / Playstation Games Through Google ChromeNow here’s something pretty awesome (see the video below).

While nVidia was not busy manipulating benchmarks, it looks like they have managed to create a pretty awesome Chrome extension, which allows you to play PC games on your web browser. Not just any PC games, all PC games, including NES, SNES and more.

How? The streaming technology.

The best part? You can play hardware hungry games on a low end machine (great ISP is required), as long as your friend (the streamer) has a high end PC (with nVidia graphics) and better than average internet connection. Another cool thing? You can do co-op!

How to download
Open Geforce Experience beta and head to: Preferences>General>Beta Updates

If your card supports this feature, it will begin the download process and then you can simply enable it by pressing Alt+Z.

P.S. Only the host is required to have nVidia graphics.

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