Meet Opera’s New Logo & Branding

By | September 23, 2015

Goes from Opera Software to Opera.

In case you missed, yesterday, Norwegian browser maker has announced its new logo and slogan. As you can see in the video above (or below), it brought back the 3D effect, which was missing since Microsoft went all in with the flat UI and influenced other companies as well.

Here is a pretty meaningless video, which (I guess) should inspire you:

According to Opera, the new logo should symbolize a gateway to more content, more discoveries, and “do more”, which is their current slogan.

So when will you see the new icon? It is already rolling out for the iOS users and should reach other platforms in the next few months.


[Via: Opera]

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  1. Flavoi says:

    I actually like the change. Ditching from Opera software to Opera does mean that new products are on their ways, perhaps?

    • LAMBDA471 says:

      It’s just their excuse for not making the desktop Opera like the Presto one. This way they can say “Yay! A new beginning!” and pardon themselves from doing anything anymore.

    • VeraLB says:

      Thanks, @Flavoi:disqus.
      Even I am personally excited for what’s coming next from the different teams.