May, 2012: Google’s Chrome Share Up; Everyone’s Else – Down

By | June 8, 2012 | 24 Comments

After reaching the 50% market share mark, Internet Explorer reverted some of its gains and is back to 49.87%, 0.13 point decrease.

Only few more points remain as Google Chrome slowly climbs towards the 20% mark, up from 17.41% to 18.05%, 0.64 point increase.

Firefox’s market share is about to fall below Chrome’s, down from 18.65% to 18.16%, 0.49 point decrease.

It looks like Safari has also joined a group of losers this time, down from 9.17% to 9.05%, 0.12 point decrease.

As expected, Opera’s market share remains somewhat flat, this time it has decreased from 1.63% to 1.57%.

That’s all for now, folks.

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

  • MicrosoftShill

    Yay for cherrypicked bullshit graphs.  WTF is “Android Browser” doing in there, when it’s not even the most popular mobile Browser?  (Opera is )./

    Surely if you were going to throw a random mobile browser in there, then it’s should be the top dog???


      I used same graph for the last 5 years

  • Jorjy27

    Where the hell is Opera? :S
    And how come the android stock browser? :O

  • Jorjy27

    I don’t know for sure if it’s me or not but it seems that this blog is kind of anti Opera. Correct me if I’m wrong?

    • Firefoxer

      To me it looks like the whole Opera Software ASA is kind of anti-Opera…

      • Jorjy27

        Well then it’s your personal thought. And personally I’m a Firefox hater. But that doesn’t matter. Cause it’s my personal preference. All i was trying to say that don’t you think a site should be more neutral while they are trying to write some browser’s review / news? I mean why they always ignore Opera like it was never exist. 
        (Sorry for my poor English).

        • Firefoxer

          I’m not an Opera hater, actually I was an eager Opera user some time ago.
          But looking at the company not paying enough attention to us, as users, and to our suggestions and wishes, I see the company’s doing itself an ill turn (meaning – it makes itself go down, as the number of users diminishes).
          The company throws sand in its own wheels.
          I’m sure Vygantas is not biased against Opera. He’s just being impartial (meaning – ‘unbiased, unprejudiced’).
          By the way, Opera is Vytantas’ default browser.

          • Asknobody

            So Mozilla is paying attention to users? :D So many features in tha last FF versions that users requested. Stiull most extensions required to restart browser. Still Gecko and not Webkit.  Just replace Opera with Mozilla in your answer and we will get true answer. FF is going downhill and in mobile they don’t have any significant marketshare. FF users are annoyed with FF progress or should I say “with no progress”. It’s time to change Mozilla strategy, leadership, management team because soon it will be too late

          • Hiram

            Jesus Christ.. not this fucking fruitcake again.. The progress that Firefox has been made in these past two years is very is very significant: So, according to your fucking broken head if a few users (IE: You) request some features and they don’t get implemented in the next couple of releases that means that they aren’t listening to their users? And some extensions still require you to restart your browser.. wow, that’s just.. heartbreaking. Also, they aren’t listening to their users because hey haven’t switched from Gecko to Webkit? How much more fruity can you possibly get? If anything, it’s better for the web as an ecosystem that Firefox hasn’t switched. Lastly, Firefox hasn’t made significant progress in regards to mobile market share penetration because it’s a fairly new mobile browser and it doesn’t yet have a whole OS backing it. PS: Opera 12 is a fucking joke.

          • apád anyád

            “Still Gecko and not Webkit.”
            Why don’t you just ask them to f*cking copy Chrome, bit to bit, and release it as Firefox?
            “Still most extensions required to restart browser.”
            Last time I knew, it was still not the fault of Firefox, but the add-ons’ developers.

          • Maxim

            @f80ec2112a358a6980e7e3e2e10c1002:disqus  Your post is a fucking joke.


      Have you read this?

      Not sure how this post is anti-opera though, I have used the very same code for the last x posts and before the code, same graph (via pics) during the last 5 years. It’s beyond my control, I can only report it.

      • Sarjoor

        Perhaps, but once in a while reviewing your code or graphs or links for relevancy would be advisable.  Like everyone else has pointed out, you are using the wrong desktop browser graph that for some reason incorrectly includes Android browser.  Try this graph instead: 


          It looks like they have changed the code, if you check previous reports, it still shows Android while when we reported, it was Opera instead

          Fixed, thanks

  • Firefoxer

    Any assumptions on how many thousands/millions of users does 1% on this graph include?

    • Mancho

      Actually, global internet usage in continually growing with both population and increased penetration, so Opera is actually gaining users, even if market share is fairly stagnant.  Of course that means that Chrome growth is more impressive than those share percentages speak to.

      • Firefoxer

         Right. That’s why I wrote “Don’t take it too literally”. ;)

  • jayjam

    A mobile browser in a desktop graph? Nice.

    This is the right one btw:

  • Guest1000½

    Things not looking that well for Opera Desktop (as usual) :

    • jayjam

      Opera has been hovering around 1.5% on Net Applications for a long time, and that makes sense when you know that the primary data source is the US and Western Europe. In other words, the part of the world where Opera is not doing that well.

    • MacVities

      Why?  They have been growing in REAL user numbers.   Don’t let this cherrypicked bullshit fool you.

      It’s US data, and Opera’s weakest region.  (The Americans like American things, regardsless of how rubbish those products are, and they stupidly believe it helps their failed economy)

      • Hiram

        Actually, it’s not only US data, as for example if I use statcounter’s worldwide data and compare it to netmarkeshare’s, the results are very similar with a difference of just around 0.2 percent(well within the margin of error). And if I check statcounter’s US only data then Opera’s desktop market share is around 0.67%.

  • Jorjy27

    Well now the graph makes sense. :-)

  • Yoyo

    dafaq is going on here and niw IE is leading chrome by big margin. (for start I am not good at understanding why each measuremnt differ by a big margin and which one should I beleive ? any advice