Internet Explorer: Disable Facebook News Ticker

By | December 5, 2011

Internet Explorer: Disable Facebook News TickerSome time ago, we wrote on how to disable the Facebook news ticker in Google Chrome. Turns out, you can do that on IE9 as well.

Here is how:

  • Install this to the IE9 registry.
  • Install IE7Pro.
  • Restart IE9 and press the alt key.
  • Tools > IE7Pro preferences.
  • Modules > uncheck everything but scripts & plugins.
  • Base settings > uncheck everything.
  • Mouse settings > uncheck everything.
  • Delete all the entries under URL alias and search.
  • In plugins, check “enable plugins”.
  • In user scripts, check “enable user scripts”.
  • Restart IE9
  • If a toolbar was installed with IE7Pro, click the large X to disable it, and, when prompted, click only Grab and Drag. BHO and Preferences should not be clicked. Click disable.
  • Go to this script and, on the right-hand side, click install. Do the same in the pop-up window.
  • Close IE9 and reopen it and, when you access Facebook, a big chat pane should appear in place of the ticker.

Job done.


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