Internet Explorer 11 Dumps Legacy CSS Support

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Internet Explorer 11 Dumps Legacy CSS SupportWill utilize Firefox tag instead.

Now here is a set of good news for everyone but the user agent sniffers. Thanks to the recently leaked build of Windows Blue, it was revealed that Internet Explorer 11 will replace its “MSIE” user agent string with “IE”, instantly disabling all the CSS hacks that target Microsoft’s web browser.

Not only that but Internet Explorer 11 will also include “Like Gecko” command, instructing web sites to send it the same code version as it would to Firefox.

This is how the current user agent string looks like:

Mozilla/5.0 (IE 11.0; Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; .NET4.0E; .NET4.0C; rv11.0) like Gecko

Internet Explorer 11 Dumps Legacy CSS Support

However, there is still a small probability that Microsoft could change it back in the final build of IE11 although that doesn’t look very likely.

On a side note, Internet Explorer’s 11 HTML5Test score is same as IE10 (320), at least for now.

[Via: Neowin]

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  1. Przemysław Lib says:

    My main accusation for MS regarding IE 10 was same branding, and same UA.

    It just do not make sense to make modern web browser when half of the internet do not know that its possible at all…

    Not only IE10 do not have perfect standard compliance, it will also be served dumbed down websites just because IE10 pretend to be moron…

    So changing UA was inevitable.

    Now let see if it’s not just FAKE by someone smart enough to suggest it to MS by fooling press to write about it, and readers into congratulating MS the right move ;)

  2. IE10 User says:

    Microsoft is definitely moving in the right direction. Developers have to learn that they don’t need to code separately if they use pure standards now.

    Also, we have to not that Trident – rendering engine version also got bumped up. Will have to wait & see on what new benefit we are getting in the latest version.

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