First Internet Explorer 11 Screenshots Leak

By | March 25, 2013

First Internet Explorer 11 Screenshots Leak

Synced tabs are finally coming.

Thanks to the leaked Windows Blue build 9364, guys at WinForum have managed to post quite a few OS and IE11 screenshots; and while we wait for someone to run HTML5Test or any other benchmarks, this is what we got now:

First Internet Explorer 11 Screenshots Leak

First Internet Explorer 11 Screenshots Leak

First Internet Explorer 11 Screenshots Leak

First Internet Explorer 11 Screenshots Leak

And here is a video that hints at the upcoming synced tabs feature (1:01)

Still better than nothing, right?

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  1. Conroy says:

    Looks the same, because theres no need to update the UI… boring.

    1. the IE adblocking is still incomplete
    2. they still use activeX
    3. i dont wanna go on

  2. TiredOfGoogle says:

    Poland RULES!

  3. IE 10 user says:

    There is no UI Change needed, since it is full screen browsing. I’m happy with current improvements.
    Add more standards supports that developers wants
    Add more speed and consume less memory.

    IE is heading in the right direction.

    About adBlocking,

    Microsoft tracking protection is fair for adBlocking in IE. Completely blocking any AD in the internet would make every user pay. how many adBlock users are willing to pay ?

    • Conroy says:

      with the adblock in either chrome or firefox i can block all ads on common websites, this isnt the case with internet explorer though

      • IE 10 User says:

        Most of the ads are trying to track you, try install the tracking protecting list from

        Just install from top 3 or 4 providers you should be good to go.
        Also, I would like to let the ads show up if they are not tracking me. SO that I would get the service for free and providers also deserves some money.

        • Conroy says:

          there are websites that dont get affected by adblocking at all, and they are websites that i visit on daily basis, and that the reason i dont use IE, because i get annoyed when i see ads on some pages i use quite often, and i’ve looked around the web for pretty long and there doesnt seem to be any solution

  4. Tiago Sá says:

    All I want from IE is standards support and that many people use it.
    That is all.