Ask WebRTC Advisory Board Member & Zingaya’s CEO Anything

By | March 25, 2013

Ask WebRTC Advisory Board Member & Zingaya's CEO AnythingYes, anything.

Now here is your chance to interview Alexey Alyarov, who not only is on the advisory board of WebRTC but also a CEO of Zingaya, a one-click VoIP startup that debuted in 2010 and which already implements the WebRTC technology.

Please leave your questions in a comment section below and we will send all of them on Friday 29th.

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  1. What do you think about Microsoft’s implementation that challenges WebRTC?

  2. Our team have been working on implementing WebRTC streaming on server side.
    What kind of transport/codec/fragmentation could a server use in order to send valid stream to a connected client (browser)? Do you think it is actually possible?

  3. Recently, Nokia filled a suit against WebM and refused to
    license its patents, which raises a question about VP8’s “royalty free” status.
    How will this impact WebRTC and your company in case judge sides with Nokia?
    What do you think about the case?

    Google too filled a suit (through Motorola) against
    Microsoft and tried to abuse its H.264 FRAND patents, which lead to
    investigation. Why should we trust Google when it comes to VP8 and WebRTC?