Inside Opera’s Headquarters (Pic)

By | March 29, 2014

Inside Opera's Headquarters (Pic)

[Via: My Opera]

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  1. Didit A. Pamungkas says:

    Sad, Discover just made from opera mail/feed reader, if we can custom it..

  2. Brandon Heat says:

    ive noticed that in blogs and forum on the internet lately, that people just keep complaining about pretty much anything developers decide to do with their software

    opera has been free long before i even discovered it and no one is forcing no one to use it, so i dont get why people keep complaining that it lacks certain features, you can just switch to another browser

    ive started thinking about customizing the interface, and the only browsers i know, that allow that are maxthon, qupzilla and firefox, not even google chrome allows adding, removing or adjusting default buttons on the interface, so i dont expect opera to ever include that, since im not sure if its even possible

    and for the other missing features, i always found the old opera to be complicated and incompatible with websites and now that it uses chromium and doesnt have many things i dont even know about, i started using it and it seems like the fastest browser around – no matter how many extensions you install, it doesnt slow down at all

    • Theodoros Agapios says:

      You can just exclude Firefox from that list, 29 will ruin it.

    • Haunt says:

      You’re one hell of an illogical person. People complain about lack of features because there are quality standards and expectations that Opera has already set.

      • Brandon Heat says:

        people having time to whine about not being happy with free pixels must really have sad lives

  3. d4rkn1ght says:

    Sad but true! lol