Half Of Mozilla’s Board Steps Down Following The Appointment Of A New CEO

By | March 31, 2014

Half Of Mozilla’s Board Steps Down Following The Appointment Of A New CEONow here’s some drama to kick start your week.

According to the Wall Street Journal, three out of six Mozilla board members have stepped down before the new CEO announcement has been made public.

First in the list is a former Mozilla CEO, John Lilly, followed by another former CEO Gary Kovacs and CEO of online education startup Shmoop, Ellen Siminoff.

But that’s not all though, a lot of staff does not seem to like the new CEO either, mostly because he has funded the opposition of same-sex marriage and as it turns out, it’s now “illegal” to have an opinion of your own even if doesn’t influence the company you run in any way.

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  1. Shane Gowland says:

    Eich isn’t unpopular because of his ‘opinion.’ He actively worked to remove the already-established civil rights of thousands of Californians. There is a big difference between that and holding a contrary opinion.

    “even if doesn’t influence the company you run in any way.”
    The CEO is the face of a company. With Eich at the helm, that becomes a face of bigotry. It very much affects Mozilla and its public perception.

    • Douglas Ryan says:

      Exactly. Why do people confuse actively supporting a bigoted cause with simply having an opinion?

    • Brandon Heat says:

      i wonder if such differences could cause the usa to disband in the near future…
      kinda sounds like a possible scenario

      • Shane Gowland says:

        I’m not an American, so I’m not as familiar with the political climate as someone who can experience it first hand. But from where I’m sitting; the issue is becoming more ‘heated’ because the right recognizes that the gay marriage advocates have been winning. A lot. This is causing a certain degree of desperation (for lack of a better term), whereby their disagreement is becoming increasingly aggressive and vitriolic.

        I don’t think American states will secede over the issue. Blue (and purple) states hold the majority on the issue, so there would be no incentive to jump ship. Red states are suffering from a case of epistemic closure, honestly believing they represent “real Americans” and will be driven by their patriotism to continue being part of the USA.

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    The funny of it is how people associate anti-gay-marriage with homophobia. And that alone removes most of the credibility these people who are stepping down have.

    They should ALL step down, and stop raping Firefox like they’ve been doing for the last 5 years. A total joke.

    • Douglas Ryan says:

      What other possible reason is their for actively helping fund an amendment designed to deny the LGBT community equal protection under the law? The Bible, or more specifically some peoples’ interpretation of it, is not the law of the land. BTW, that’s an interpretation that’s found to be increasingly wrong by Bible scholars. Going to the original Greek and Hebrew, the words don’t mean what people think because a lot of the text (not just those few specific ones) were mistranslated.

    • Rafael Luik says:

      The funny of it is how people associate anti-gay-marriage with homophobia.

      Are you mental? (That’s the only way you’d be able to excuse that “”logic””.)

  3. The Dude says:

    @Shane and @Douglas

    Get educated before you critique:

    Though I’m wasting my effort probably as I’m certain you’ve assumed the answer and intent before even asking the question.

    • Douglas Ryan says:

      I already Eich’s blog Eich’s blog post, thanks though. There’s no apology in there for him giving money to support trampling my constitutional right of equal protection.

  4. Rafael Luik says:

    Mozilla earns money because you use Firefox -> Mozilla pays Eich -> Eich uses his money to attempt to f*ck with others rights.
    Solution: stop using Firefox to cut the money stream.

    This is what I’ve been thinking… I think I can’t be more clear than that. It would justify a boycott, wouldn’t it? It feels weird in my mind but that’s it. I have the choice so I’ll choose where my money ends up.

    He did not apologize for his donation of +$1000 to such agenda neither changed his mind. F*cking $1000 to regulate what others do with their ªsses and their lives!

    Ha… Vygantas, that post was ridiculous. I wish that was about interracial marriage, it would be nice to see you disputing the legality of saying “blacks shouldn’t have the right to marry whites”. And remembering you again: he didn’t say “gays shouldn’t have the right to marry”, he donated more than $1000 to make them unable to have the right.

    FavBrowser has been going downhill, now you reached the bottom of it.

    • Douglas Ryan says:

      Just a quick note. It took a Supreme Court decision in 1967 to make even make interracial marriage fully legal in all states.

    • Shane Gowland says:

      I think we got a nice insight into Vygantas’ psyche here.