Google’s Blogger Ditches Opera Support

By | July 7, 2012

Google's Blogger Ditches Opera Support

Just when Facebook decided to replace Google Chrome and recommend Opera instead, it looks like Blogger did the opposite.

As first noticed by Bob Leggitt on June 27th, not only have they ditched the support for Opera but will also keep you asking to download Google Chrome over and over again. Ed Bott, one of the ZDNet editors has summed it up like this, “This is how monopolies work. If you use Opera to create or edit posts on Google’s Blogger network, you’ll see a nagging message. And you’ll keep seeing those nags until you switch to Chrome.”

[Thanks, Hiram]

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  1. Tzilbo1551 says:

    Well even IE did not ditch the support to Opera.
    This makes IE looks good.

  2. hotteamix says:

    What happen when you change user agent to Firefox or IE?

  3. Guest says:



  4. rennmaxbeta says:

    Google have turned into just another Big Corporation.

  5. cyberstream_us says:

    The only time a website has the right to recommend a particular browser because “your browser is not supported” is when your browser fails a feature detection test. These companies are not promoting an open web.

  6. Wicket says:

    The Irfanview support forum administrator has decided to ditch Chrome support and recommends Opera: