Download Opera 12.50 Alpha

By | July 6, 2012

Download Opera 12.50 AlphaContinues with its fish codenames.

Now here is something to be excited about: the next release of the Opera web browser, codenamed “Marlin”.

Just today, Norwegian browser maker has revealed the very first build of Opera 12.50, which is still in the alpha/pre-alpha state. However, it does not mean that there are no new features for you to play with and although we expect to see more in the next few months, here is what you will see as of now:

– Clipboard API
– Updated key event handling to the DOM Events Level 3, which will improve the overall compatibility (and break some stuff in the short term).
– Webkit- CSS prefixes, something we have reported a while ago and is definitely a welcome step towards, again, better compatibility.
– Notification Center support for the upcoming Mac OS X 10.8 OS.

Overall, it looks like an impressive release, at least for those, who were bragging about the poor sites compatibility.

Download Opera 12.50 Alpha

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  1. Guest says:

    Sad to see non-standard prefixes being incorporated.  Would much rather see them go away completely

  2. Having been a longtime fan of Opera, I abandoned it nearly two years ago. Yes, I downloaded the new releases and betas, but none seemed to fit my needs. So when I downloaded this alpha I was not really expecting much. Thankfully, I am very pleased by what I have seen. Every site renders great. The load times are extremely fast, and the mouse scrolling is back to being smooth as silk. 

  3. Guest says:

    Opera still needs to do following
    (1) Reduce the CPU Usage
    (2) Smooth scroll in pages like facebook
    (3) Add ADFS support to enter enterprise world.

  4. Uu says:

    “Continues with its fish codenames”
    This remembers me the guy of The Weezer band that was incuded on the Windows 95 CD asking “Did you tried the fish?”XD

  5. Zoquete says:

    vendor prefexies are part of standard

  6. Mehran says:

    I use Firefox when I develop, Chrome for testing new HTML5 features and Opera for everything else! Opera is great, specially in Linux!

    Thanks Norwegian browser maker! I’d rather wait for a more stable version :D