Facebook Drops Google Chrome Recommendation, Replaces It With Opera

By | May 31, 2012

Facebook Drops Google Chrome Support, Replaces It With OperaMore fuel to the rumor’s fire.

It looks like Facebook management decided not to bother with the Google Chrome anymore as their latest “unsupported web browsers” page has since then removed the search giant’s web browser.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few days, chances are, you’ve heard about the social giant’s plans to acquire Opera.

Well, guess what, Facebook now recommends Opera over the Google Chrome and yes, let the speculations begin.

Facebook Drops Google Chrome Support, Replaces It With Opera

Cached Google Page Shows Interesting Changes

P.S. If the following page redirects you to the homepage, check the cached version.

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  1. Armin says:

    Oh? Let’s hope Facebook doesn’t buy Opera but Opera still gets more support because of this.

  2. Yoyo says:

    haha finally one of the most used websites giving 100 % compatibilitty to Opera.

  3. greg says:

    If you guys noticed in Chrome’s commercials.There isnt one clip of them showing Facebook. Why doesn’t Google acknowledge[ f ]? Thats a big mistake by their part. A Social network giant like themselves could boost their users rate. This could be [ f ] retaliating back at them. why isnt Safari up there as well? Or Could it be that [ f ] despises anything to do with Webkit these days??! The plot thickens…

  4. Henning says:

    Hm, I can’t access the page 
    http://www.facebook.com/unsupportedbrowser always make a redirect.

    But if true this would be strang considering chrome just became the most often used browser in the StatCounter stats. And even more strange because Chrome is the fastest browser which make using a complex website like FBs much more fluent….

  5. Guest says:



    • Shane Bundy says:

      Let’s see you develop a browser with a built-in mail client, IRC client, BitTorrent client and its own rendering engine.

    • Cornel O. says:

      Garbage browser? Opera is the best browser around here for a while. ie is ie, chrome spyes you and firefox since version 4 is slow and heavy.

      • Guest says:

         Firefox 15.0 is much faster than Oprah

        It’s obvious Oprah retards don’t even use Firefox 15.0, oh well, they don’t know shit about anything anyway, being stuck in their Facebook browser world.

        • Cornel O. says:

          on “oprah” you can imediatly scroll while the page still loads. opera have just one problem that actually have notting to do with opera: people dont optimize their sites for opera.

  6. Shane Bundy says:

    Facebook may have removed it from the list but that doesn’t mean that Chrome users can’t access Facebook. It still works for everyone here who uses Chrome.

  7. realtestman says:


    To the author – you do know the reason why it’s redirecting is because the browser you’re using IS supported?  The webpage only comes up if you’re using an unsupported browser – clearly Google Chrome IS supported.  Not only that, it’s just a page of recommendations – not an explicit list of supported browsers (which itself is vague anyway, as for example we know that IE6 IS NOT supported, but this page doesn’t mention that).

  8. This really isn’t anything new. Facebook and Google have been at each other’s throats for a while now. Remember the whole “Facebook can import Google contacts”, but not the reverse saga? Yeah. This is just Facebook telling Google to stuff it, not that they are necessarily purchasing Opera Software.

  9. ComicHippo says:

    But this page says Firefox , Safari , IE & Chrome are supported and not opera .

    Link – https://www.facebook.com/help/210310575676558

  10. You really have issues, this became obsessive.

  11. Reed Hubbard says:

    I really want to like Opera, but every time a new version comes out I download it and break it within 10 minutes, i.e. I can find a place where Opera doesn’t work, but the other three do. 

    Here’s an example. Opera 11.64 (latest version). Go to Google+, log in, select profile and then mouse over the cover photo and select the popup for “Change Cover Photo”. Doesn’t work. Works in IE, Chrome and FF.

    Superior browser my foot.

    • XP1 says:

      @Reed Hubbard, it is not Opera’s fault. Google likes to block or serve Opera broken or outdated code. Google has been giving Opera the diminished user experience for years.

      • RobDixonIII says:

        @XP1:disqus – Opera is pretty amazing for what it is, but it often produces results that deviate from all the other major modern browsers even when not using sites made by Google.
        Chrome is better than Opera in that the Webkit rendering engine is faster and more reliable and I’ve never seen any browser that executes Javascript as fast as Chrome. That’s why Chrome is gaining such a large percentage of the browser marketshare, once you start using it, all other browsers get annoying.The weird thing is, IE9 is actually pretty decent, and Firefox continues to be bloated and clunky. They’ve swapped places! Firefox is the new IE.

        Oh- and really? You think Google is sabotaging Opera? Just that browser? Why open themselves to the legal ramifications of doing that to shut out a browser that isn’t even close to being a competitor? Safari and FF are much bigger threats, so if they were going to use practices like that, why on Earth would they target Opera? It just makes no sense. I’m sure Google wants its site to work on all browsers- you do know that Chrome isn’t how they make money…

        • XP1 says:

          @RobDixonIII:twitter, you don’t have to question me. You can see for yourself by spoofing the user agent header. Compare the code that you receive from Google’s servers. If the user agent contains Opera, there are large parts of code missing or are outdated. You can clearly see that by doing server-side browser sniffing, Google is serving different content for Opera than to the other major browsers.
          I can’t say for the many browsers out there, but this happens a lot to Opera. For example, big companies like Amazon and Microsoft also do the same thing and serve Opera different code. Amazon serves Opera missing code that prevents many of the Amazon features like Amazon Cloud, Amazon TV, appstore, etc., from working. The workaround for server-side browser sniffing is to spoof as a different browser so that servers can’t detect Opera from the user agent header. Sadly, spoofing as Firefox is what Opera had to do to bypass Amazon’s server-side browser sniffing.

          Historically, Microsoft’s MSN.com sent Opera broken CSS. You can look for Opera’s response by searching for “opera bork bork bork”.

        • cyberstream_us says:

          more reliable and I’ve never seen any browser that executes Javascript as fast as Chrome. That’s why Chrome is gaining such a large percentage of the browser marketshare, once you start using it, all other browsers get annoying. 

          Most people couldn’t care less about Javascript speed and all that. I think that the reason Google Chrome’s usage is increasing is because of excessive advertising and because it is the “hip new browser”. 

  12. Guest says:

    Glad atleast this helps to increase the Opera browser share.!! Also I want the feature like auto update in Chrome.

  13. A Clockwork Bro says:

    Finally, credit where it is due. Opera is a good browser

  14. totnuckers says:

    Because Facebook nosedive traffic coming from Google now they are retaliating by kicking chrome out of recommended browser.

  15. Eric says:

    This was the screen I got for months on my MyTouch 4G Slide because Facebook didn’t recognize the Sense UI browser.

  16. dpgj says:

    It feels like the IT landscape is a mess since iPhone launched in 2007.

  17. Andrew Jones says:

    did you just grab this from hacker news? http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4020406