Download Google Chrome 20 Beta

By | May 30, 2012

Download Google Chrome 20 BetaUltimately, it’s just an exciting number.

This is it, after months and months of waiting, the search giant has finally released the very first Beta build of the Google Chrome 20 web browser.

Although it is yet to include any new features, the earlier Google Chrome 20 Dev (Alpha) builds had a slightly wider new tab button, making it easier to users click on as well as other UI refinements, nothing too ground breaking so far.

If you are keen to test this build, please note that some users have reported performance issues with the 1080p videos while playing in a full screen mode, so be aware of that.

Google Chrome 20

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  1. isra says:

    Download Chrome 20 aka Chrome 1.19 :P

  2. Shane Bundy says:

    V, I believe this is the first version of Chrome that has a refactored UI – It’s been redone in HTML, CSS and JS (in preparation for their upcoming Metro version, I assume).

    I know that because I was using the Chromium nightly builds at the time. :)