Wednesday’s Fun: Opera Is Broken In Opera (Updated)

By | May 30, 2012

Wednesday's Fun: Opera Is Broken In OperaOr how IE9 renders the poorly written code.

Here is an interesting observation for you. Today, guys behind the Norwegian web browser have released a new Beta build, which features various improvements and bug fixes.

However, the site appears to be broken when using previous snapshot (Build 1433) and even current one.

This is what happens when you open the latest blog post

Opera 12 Beta

Wednesday Fun: Opera Is Broken In Opera

Internet Explorer 9

Wednesday Fun: Opera Is Broken In Opera

This is what happens with the latest Opera 12 Beta (Build 1438)

It randomly shows you the same blank page or a full post with only one comment. However, when you load it with IE9, page has dozens of comments:

Opera 12 Beta

Wednesday Fun: Opera Is Broken In Opera

Internet Explorer 9

Wednesday Fun: Opera Is Broken In Opera

We are not exactly sure what’s going on, considering that when you view the source code in Opera, it simply shows you a lot of blank space, but it’s definitely amusing and yes, not a Final product.

Wednesday's Fun: Opera Is Broken In Opera

Interestingly, this only happens with their latest post, which, in case the post’s code is flawed, shows you that IE9 is much better at handling the poorly written pages.

Update: It looks like is being DDOSed, which could have caused the following issues. Someone is not happy about the recent Facebook rumors?

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  1. Guy says:

    Ironically, that’s browser sniffing. Set the user agent of IE to Opera for exemple, and everything works fine.

  2. Sirnh1 says:

    Seems like it has nothing to do IE9 rendering ‘broken code’ better for the simple reason that opera renders exactly what it gets. From my findings it seems that Opera randomly is receiving only 1 comment or isn’t receiving the actual blogpost, since it didn’t receive it (check the source code) it doesn’t render it. 

    Conclusion: opera renders things exactly like how the source code tells it to render. Also when you are logged in the problem doesn’t happen…

  3. GuestX says:

    Well that’s not that, there are some problems on server side, i think that they are in maintenance or something. If you try to log-in it will just slowdown…

  4. GuestX says:

    That’s explain everything…

    Opera ‏@opera My Opera is currently in the receiving end of a DDoS attack. We are working to solve it!

  5. Nom4d3 says:

    I’m using this last snapshot ant everything is working like a charm.

    The problem seems to be with the myopera servers. They are receiving DDoS attack.

  6. idiologic says:

    I have a feeling that it’s some kind of ‘protest’ of some sort.  Sadly, there are people around who think that it has happened or definitely will happen – they sorta ignore the “rumor” part.

  7. Daniela says:

    My Opera—like many other high-traffic sites—uses caching. That caching can sometimes—like during this week’s DDoS attack be a bit too potent. One of the factors behind the caching is the User-Agent (UA) header your browser sends. As Opera’s many variations are the most frequently seen UAs on the My Opera site, it is also the most likely to be hit by this.

    Disclosure: I’m an employee of Opera Software. Opinions are my own, yadayada.

  8. Srsly says:

    Vygantas, you need to stop the bullshit. “IE9 is better at rendering broken pages” yaddayadda. You’re so full of shit. Sensationalist bastard.

  9. Ichann says:

    Nothing new. Has always happened to me. It use to change after I identified as another browser

  10. Rafael says:

    Terrible journalism… Sorry. :/