Google Chromebook Holiday Deals

By | November 22, 2011 | 14 Comments

Here come the price cuts and updates.

With the introduction of Chrome OS back in 2009, Google has unveiled the very first Chromebooks a year later.

Now, with holidays just around the corner, the search giant has decided to slash Chromebooks price by 15%. Previously sold at around $350, Samsung and Acer laptops can now be bought for as low as $299.

In addition to special deals, Google has also updated its OS, which now has a cleaner user interface and all the goodies from the Google Chrome 15 release, such as: revamped New Tab page.

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  • payal bafna

    Hey thanks for these great tips & please keep on contributing
    All your posts are Amazing
    (sorry cant comment on all ;) )
    & please can you update the site looks??
    Less javascripts & more basic elements?
    (like old Google search?)
    so its pleasing to read & also
    so its fast on the go
    (mobiles too w/o a seperate mobile site!!)

  • Shane Bundy

    While I admire the (overdue?) price drops it doesn’t mean I’ll be getting one.

  • rennmaxbeta

    From reports, they haven’t been selling too well. The new cheaper models also come in black instead of white.

  • Ligmfdgmdflk

    i dont have a chrome book or an android phone, but i think the android phone has more capabilities, so if im getting something, it will be an android phone, because its the cheapest thing with the most features

  • Anonymous

    Why would you want this? If you need a notebook get an ultrabook.

    If you need a cheap device to consume stuff get a kindle fire.

    • Mikah

      Kindle Fire’s Silk browser’s accelerated page loading feature is slower than browsing with it turned off & it only saves about 10% bandwidth.

      • Anonymous

        As much as I love anand and his reviews; I am waiting for more reviews.

        The thing with silk is that (in theory) it caches pages locally overtime on amazons servers. It is still too new.

        In all honesty the kindle fire was meant as an example. I could have substituted that for say a Ipad 2. The thought of a cheap, well rounded device at the price it is could not be beaten.

        Like you said you can turn it of. So I do not know why you are arguing.

  • Sérgio Loureiro

    It is strange that there isn’t yet a post with the Opera 12 Alpha release.

    • TiRANiD

      Or at least about 11.60 beta.

      • Ligmfdgmdflk

        guess opera aint that fun :D

        • TiRANiD

          Or didn’t pay favbrowser as much as google did. ;)

          • Armin

            Damn it, Vygantas. We get paid?! D:

          • TiRANiD

            Yeah, just kidding. )) But, hey, they should! This is advertising. )

    • Anonymous

      And Opera relates to this, how exactly?