Download Google Chrome 17 Alpha (Dev)

By | November 18, 2011

Download Google Chrome 17 Alpha (Dev)As Google Chrome 16 has already reached Beta status, it’s only natural for Google to start working on the Chrome 17 release, which is now in Dev channel. Are there any changes or features worth checking out? Yes, there are.

Google Chrome 17 Alpha (Dev) Changelog

Although there are usual bug fixes and JavaScript engine updates, which now sits at version, Google Chrome 17 has also few new features and tweaks for you to try:

– When using Incognito mode, users are now prompted if they really want to cancel the download
– Panels are now enabled by default. However, they can only be used by extensions and apps. What are Google Chrome panels? Think about them as small windows that pop out when new tab is not really required.
– Adjustable margins in Print Preview

That’s all for now, folks.

Download Google Chrome 17 Alpha (Dev).

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  1. Jordan says:

    What’s new? The usual! Nothing.

    And yet it’s still needlessly bloated, and infringes on the privacy of it’s users.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You mad bro?

  3. greg says:

    Its a shame compact navigation is gone I really thought it would come back in beta smh man what were they thinking

  4. Rafael says:

    WTF are the Google Chrome panels?

  5. Swapnil says:

    The development news of Chrome is boring. The development news for IE, Opera and Safari (sometimes it is leaked what will probably be in the next version of Safari) is really exciting as they most often offer updated builds with lots of changes (Opera is an exception sometimes when all the new features planned are done and Opera is working on polishing the new features).

    • greench says:

      You think a feature must be in Opera. You say that in forums. The only thing that you see in desktopteam blog is support a new web standard or a small feature. It surprises you. Because there are no news about these new toys. 

      Google improves Chrome only as a desktop product and now Mobile browser. In core of Chrome, it uses webkit and V8 javascript engine. So it gains new features not only as a desktop product but also core features. 

      • Rafael says:

        OK let’s forget WebKit and Presto and compare the features of Chrome and Opera. ¬¬
        Oops, does Chrome has “features”?

        • Anonymous says:

          They must be doing something right to bypass Opera. How long has chrome been aout? 2-3 years?

          and Opera?


          You just keep telling yourself how wonderful Opera is. I bet you love extensions but were once against them when Opera refused to incorporate it.


          • Rafael says:

            Hi… I’m not sure what you’re referring to by saying “They must be doing something right to bypass Opera”, what does that ave to do with the discussion here?

            The only extension I have installed is YouTube AdsFree because the Website became useless without an ad blocker recently.

          • Anonymous says:


            Yes I remember those days. 

            What a total pain to do all those steps.

            If you argue that those can be classified as extension, then I argue that they are the *crappiest* ones every made.

            When is Opera going to unify the mess of Unite, widgets and extensions?

            Does anyone still used widgets?

            How about unite?

            Will I be able to turn off the email manager (I mean by it not being installed – like voice – Think Modular)

            Why should I have bitorrent support when I have utorrent?

            Too, too many features.

            You can argue that it is not bloat by how little the install size it but there is clearly a toll on memory.

            — “But it’s Ok to use all that memory” – You argue

            –Fine then how about It used 12GB of memory just to satisfy itself. Why does it use more fricken memory than the system.

            Since when was the browser more important than my system. Know your place Opera.

            Without the Os you wouldn’t even run.

          • Rafael says:

            “If you argue that those can be classified as extension, then I argue that they are the *crappiest* ones every made.” Hahaha!

            “When is Opera going to unify the mess of Unite, widgets and extensions? Does anyone still used widgets?”
            Yeah they need to do it. They’ll get there with time and hopefully more money, employees, users…

            “How about unite?”
            You can see the number of active users (instances running) of every app in the catalog.

            “Will I be able to turn off the email manager (I mean by it not being installed – like voice – Think Modular) Why should I have bitorrent support when I have utorrent?”
            I don’t see the need of this. Opera Mail and BitTorrent are integrated in Opera code, it’s different than simple downloading of Unite apps / dictionaries and voice files when needed. Making another version of Opera would only halve developers’ productivity. The installer is small enough, and they still improve its size on other things, and the features you don’t use don’t slow down the browser it’s a fact.

            “Fine then how about It used 12GB of memory just to satisfy itself.”
            An weird bug?

          • Mikah says:

            What a stupid argument, its like me saying Firefox should drop Extensions because I don’t use them & extensions are holding Firefox back.
            Please explain to me how Opera Mail, bitorrent, widgets & unite use any memory if you don’t use them.

    • Fzjkoaksfkhfgl says:

      exciting? … boring? do you jerk on on stuff like that?

      i feel the need to tell you that changelogs are not to masturbate on, there are to see changes if you are techy user or a developer

      the only reason i visit websites like this one, is because im interested when will firefox get fixed (memory leaks etc.)

      you sound like you have nothing better to do in life than checking sites like this and your mail more frequently than going out

      • Rafael says:

        We are interested in the development of Web browsers because they are the main software of the world, of all platforms. The innovations done by the browsers developers are the most important for both the WWW and the UX future.

        Why are you so interested in Fx’s fixes? Do you need more stability to keep 24h online too?

        • Oedaijrglgll says:

          im a regular everyday normal guy and all i want is my browser not to crash, hang and stuff, all i want was a smooth experience like foobar2000 – found it in 2009 and never thought about another music player ever again

          • Rafael says:

            Ok. You may have found a good player that fit your needs and that’s ok, just be aware that by deciding not to go after knowing other alternative there’s a possibility you don’t know a possibly much better alternative that may provide you best tools and you’re exposed to the chance to get stagnate (by lack of updates of the software developer), etc.

          • Ligmfdgmdflk says:

            such as? whats better than foobar2000? aimp?

          • Rafael says:

            I don’t know, it was a hypothesis.

          • Ligmfdgmdflk says:

            if im doing fine with something, i dont see a reason to look for something else

            i had problems with winamp, thats why i started searching for an alternative, i found foobar2000 and since then i stopped having issues with my music playings

            the browsers are another story  – firefox has the best functionality for my case, but it still has a lot to fix and im always having problems with it – when i delete portions of history it hangs for a minute or more, so i just leave as it is and come back to it after a while

            its a pain, because i have a relatively good computer, only my HDD is 80GB from 2005 and its possible that its the cause of the problems