Google Chrome 10 Arrives!

By | March 9, 2011

Google today released the newest iteration of the Chrome web browser, namely Google Chrome 10. This update brings along the aforementioned features, these include: a faster Javascript performance, password synchronization, and a search function when looking for a certain setting. A video on the latter can be seen above.

Additional security is also reserved for those who use Windows Vista or newer versions as Google has extended Chrome’s sandboxing technology with regard to the integrated Flash Player in Chrome. The following video explains this feature in more detail:

Google Chrome can be downloaded from here.

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  1. Got to love how Google Chrome is advancing… I was a hater for a long time, but now I use it everyday.

    • Lettlurt says:

      You should not, Google get to much power on the Internet. Please use a browser like Opera or Firefox to make the web open, independent and free.

      • Armin says:

        I do very much agree, but Google is still far better than Microsoft, the latter of which still has the majority market share by over half. Firefox and Opera all the way, though.