Forget Google Chrome! Hello, Baidu Web Browser

By | March 9, 2011

Forget Google Chrome! Hello, Baidu Web BrowserMicrosoft has it, Google has it so why shouldn’t Baidu build one too?

To strengthen its business, Baidu, China’s most popular search engine is already working on its own web browser (codenamed FlyFlow) and as it turns out, testing phase has already begun.

Not much is known yet, although it was revealed that FlyFlow will have its own application platform and considering Baidu popularity, we might even see IE6 glory days over.

Rendering engine remains unknown as well. However, users should expect to see the public Beta of this web browser in the very near future.

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  1. Armin says:

    I was reading up on Maxthon today. Why not just use it instead? Over half of its users are in China. Also, Maxthon-originated searches may account for up to 25% of total Baidu traffic. Then again, my source is from 2007.

  2. Xitx says:

    let me guess – it will be available only in chines lang, and other same languages(as the search engine) XD

  3. Xitx says:

    and title of this post can be like this: “Forget about English! 你好,中国(Hello, Chinese)” – not confident about translate)))))

  4. Mohan says:

    It will probably be based on Chromium or Mozilla.

    • Armin says:

      Out of those, it will likely be Chromium. We already have Google Chrome so having Baidu Chrome sounds silly. If they just get Maxthon with whom they already have a healthy relationship and make it even bigger, then that sounds like the ideal case to me.

      • Mohan says:

        Yeah Maxthon would be good, as they aren’t just a shell for IE anymore (that’s what it felt like back when it was based on IE).