Taking a Look at the New Google Chrome 10 Beta

By | February 18, 2011

Google released the newest Google Chrome 10 build to the beta channel yesterday, boasting progress in the form of revamped browser settings, password sync features, as well as JavaScript performance.

V8, Chrome’s JavaScript engine, now runs intense JavaScript applications faster than in the past. To be more specific, the V8 benchmark suite indicated an improvement over the current stable release of 66%. See the chart below to see how it compares with prior versions of Chrome.

Taking a Look at the New Google Chrome 10 Beta

GPU accelerated video is now also a part of the new beta, reducing CPU usage for and improving battery life. The highest recorded drop in CPU usage was 80% when using full screen mode.

Saved passwords can now be synced across numerous computers as well. It was previously only extensions, themes, bookmarks, and preferences that could be synced. Passphrases can be utilized to encrypt passwords for additional security.

With regards to the revamped browser settings, they now open in a tab instead of a window.

A search function has been introduced to allow users easily find the feature they wish to change the settings for (with results updating as you type). Settings pages now have their own URLs as well, giving users the ability to navigate straight to a particular setting.

Download Google Chrome 10.

Thanks, RamaSubbu SK!

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  1. Fujiy says:

    Link is broken.

    This version is broken at Acid3 too? Version 11 scored 99/100 and is totally distorced

    • sarjoor says:

      Problems with Acid3 will be caused by extensions or other problems with your computer.

      Chrome 10 Beta and 11 Dev pass Acid3 100/100 with perfect pixels.

    • nvm says:

      You are not supposed to test Acid3 with anything but the default settings.

  2. Rafael says:

    Hm, ok the same thing but in a page…
    opera:config / about:config anyone?

  3. anoncrow says:

    opera:config and firefoxes about:config are one thing,
    Chromes chrome://settings
    is really more like ( albeit limited) max:config (maxthon2) or about:config (maxthon3)

  4. Lomas says:

    I thought Opera, Firefox etc have this feature since long long time ago..?

  5. dXm99 says:

    In my experience it is much easier and faster to send link for TeamViewer QuickSupport then sending links with settings ;)

  6. Stew says:

    Still sucks badly at selectors


    • Kurt Dirix says:

      That conclusion is simply not true. In all selector tests – according to your link – Chrome beats IE9 Rc1 and FF4 beta 11. Chrome beats Opera 11.10 on two tests and is nearly on par in one other.
      It is just that Opera is insanely fast on the other 8 tests.

      Conclusion: Chrome does pretty well, but there is still room for yet some more progress.

    • nvm says:

      How does that come even close to “sucking”?