Firefox Integrates Opus, Now Approved By The IETF

By | July 13, 2012 | 4 Comments

Firefox Integrates Opus, Now Approved By The IETFOpus, a low-delay audio codec optimized for both voice and general-purpose audio, has been approved by the IETF. Originally developed by Xiph, Opus is a merger of Skype’s SILK’s and Xiph’s CELT codecs.

Xiph, which was originally made Opus/CELT for the low-latency audio, has become competitive in the general purpose audio codecs area.

As it turns out, with the recent builds of Firefox, guys at Mozilla have adopted Opus natively as it can be enabled be settng media.opus.enabled to true in Aurora or Nightly build’s about:config.

Although Opus is still in draft state, expect to see the very first 1.0 release within 6-8 weeks

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  • Shane Bundy

    Hey, Daniel! Great to see you post on here again. :-)

    I’ve been using the nightly builds of Firefox since version 4 and I have had a keen interest in Opus since it’s development stages. Are there currently any services that make use of Opus?

    • Daniel Hendrycks

      This lists some things using CELT at the bottom of the page:
      It’s safe to think Skype will use this in the future (unless Microsoft wants to push some proprietary creation of their own).

      • Shane Bundy

        Microsoft are known to buy companies and then let them die. Lets hope they let Skype continue to lead VoIP communication.

  • Gregory Maxwell

    There are some silly opus example streams on the not yet finished (remove periods) page