Firefox 3 Reaches 8 290 908 Downloads in 24 Hours

By | June 18, 2008 | 7 Comments

The numbers are here. After 24 hours, Firefox 3 was downloaded 8 290 908 times. That’s what I call a good marketing campaign which requires no or very less cash. Who can now complain with the phrase like “we don’t have a lot of money for big marketing campaign?” Anyone could have done that, but Firefox team members are geniuses and did that first.

It’s not clear yet if this record will be added to the Guinness book, waiting for approval.



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  1. Peace_Destroyer says:

    Excellent. Now web developers will not be able to ignore others browsers rather that Internet Explorer when they develop their websites. Congrats!

  2. Peace_Destroyer says:

    SP1: “rather than”.

    Sorry for that. D:

  3. Eh – now Google is ignoring all all but IE7 and FF in development of their products. Have you ever tried Gmail in Opera? Notice how the colored labels (and other things) aren’t there?

  4. Bernardo Farah,

    I think it started to happen (can’t 100% confirm) once Opera made a deal with Yahoo regarding search and not Google. Though now they’ve signed a deal with Google as well…

  5. nobody says:

    Opera responded with deletion of 100 comments from their desktopteam blog (out of 198). i think that they cant take criticism well

    a record on its own

  6. nobody,

    From which post? Download record, 9.5 Release..?

  7. nobody says:

    newest one – about 9.51 release closing. in the morning there were 198 comments, there are ~100 now.

    i find it simply disgusting. i never was a huge fan of mozilla et al, but their consumer relations are FAR FAR FAR better.

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