Firefox 3 Final Released

By | June 17, 2008 | 5 Comments

As promised by Firefox team, its newest version was just released. There were a lot of pleasant changes since Firefox 2. Gecko 1.9 (web rendering platform on which Firefox 3 is based) received more than 14 000 updates, as a result: its performance as well as stability was improved. Most important, memory usage was reduced and a lot of memory leaks were fixed.
Firefox 3 also includes various security updates, malware Protection, upgraded download manager, plugin management, platform integration (new look), and much more.

For a complete list of changes, check “What’s New in Firefox 3” page.

To sum it up, Firefox 3 is:

More Secure
Easier to Use
More Personal
Has Improved Platform for Developers
and Improved Performance

Download Firefox 3 Final.


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  1. nobody says:

    comparsion to opera – all my websites work, but faster.

    need to say more? opera is dead now. premature releases are NEVER good.

    with such enormous gains in speed ff3 mobile is going to trumph opera as well (free.. )

  2. Opera 9.5? Dead?
    Mind you, doesn’t Opera mobile charge because it goes over their own servers and they compress the data?

    Downloaded FF – I hadn’t gotten RC3

  3. niccolò says:

    …hum…I like this….looks very fast….
    It’s a pity that the color management isn’t enabled by default

  4. TLZ says:

    I’ve been using the RC’s for a while now and I must say I’m impressed. I’ve kinda liked Firefox’ philosophy(have a light base that can be extended with plugins) more than Opera, but the fact that Firefox 2 was a sluggish beast always kept me from switching.

    It’s still slower than Opera(possibly partly due to the fact that 9.50 was improved.) When I talk about speed I mean small things like how fast I can change between tabs, and how fast I can go back, etc… on JavaScript I’m guessing Firefox has surpasssed Opera now.

    Another thing that won me over is better GNOME integration. I don’t use KDE so Opera’s menus look ugly, and I always spend time trying to find a theme that matches my GNOME-theme.

    Not sure if I’m won over on Windows side though. (I use Windows at work.) It does indeed integrate well with Windows, on the other hand again: Firefly isn’t exactly a Firebug-killer.

    PS: One quite important thing is left in the GNOME-integration. In any GNOME-program you can very easily change shortcut keys by hovering your mouse over the menuitem and just hit a key combo and you’ve assigned a new key shortcut.

    I mean… in Firefox 3 you have to have extension to change the shortcut keys? Please!

  5. Peace_Destroyer says:

    @ nobody

    Firefox 3 still had a lot of things to fix, but they didn’t. It still doesn’t work well on Mac, the RC3 was the final release and noone states that anywhare. And no free talking, even enginners says that on (even as in fact many people here supports Firefox) :

    md5 Firefox\ *
    MD5 (Firefox 3.0(2).dmg) = 244df6aa2b2b555bede0f7f9815d66f7
    MD5 (Firefox 3.0.dmg) = 244df6aa2b2b555bede0f7f9815d66f7
    MD5 (Firefox 3.0.rc3.dmg) = 244df6aa2b2b555bede0f7f9815d66f7

    It has problems with bank sites that no other browsers had (not even FF2), that renders it useless for Visa tradings for example. The great stronghold that add-ons represents are also affected, as many of them stopped working (except por things like Google Toolbar… I wonder why it doesn’t surprise me). Of course I accept that can be due to a generational shift issue, but normal people -on your definition- just won’t accept that: or their add-ons work or they’ll move into something else. In fact, many people recognized me that they use FF just for the extensions and nothing more, or as a replacement of IE, as they could also choose Safari or Seamonkey, for example.

    More over, in these 5 days Opera 9.5 has been downloaded more that 4 million times… nothing bad coming from a “browser that no person uses”.


    PS: Gmail and Google maps works even faster on Opera for me, taking into account that my job’s workstation just sucks (Pentium III).

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