Download Opera 21 Final

By | May 8, 2014

Download Opera 21 FinalFor those relying on the final browser builds rather than playing with betas and alphas, here comes the stable release of Opera 21.

One of the key features of Opera 21 is the inclusion of Aura, which, as we mentioned earlier is the UI stack developed by Google that utilizes GPU whenever possible, increasing performance and so on.

As far as other features go, there is one worth mentioning: you can now show the full URL in the address bar. That’s pretty much it minus few fixes.

Opera 21 Final

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  1. Brandon Heat says:

    the webkit+blink opera reminds me of the early days of google chrome – it was fast and lightweight, but really buggy and lacking features, back then i had high hopes for chrome, which in turn became bloated and slow – it opens fast, the first few days opens tabs really fast, but after a week its a pain in the ass to use it

    now opera looks like its taking up the same path – its lightweight and fast, lacks some features, has a handful of bugs, and as the bugs are fixes, it will become slow and bloated, but only time will tell if my expectations will come true or not