Download Opera 18 Final

By | November 20, 2013

Download Opera 18 FinalThe wait is over.

If the developer preview of Opera 19 is not something you are interested in then worry no more as Norwegian software Company has just released the final version of Opera 18.

So what kind of goodies can you expect from this build?

First of all, you can now drag tabs between windows or just drag them out and create new ones. Second of all, by right clicking on a search field and selecting the “Create Search Engine” option, you can now add new search engines and assign desired keywords.

In addition to that, Opera 18 has received a support for microphones and cameras through getUserMedia and webRTC APIs, and lastly, you can now skin your browser and chose one of many different themes, which is always a welcome cosmetic feature.

Opera 18 Final

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  1. Pedro Henrique Saldanha says:

    I miss the old Opera, without the chromium sh*t

  2. opera12Lover says:

    so wen do they plan to make it as

    personalisable as opera 12??

  3. A. R. says:

    opera12lover, probably by the time support for 12.x ends, which is around 6/2014.
    I wish I could upgrade at Opera 20 or 21, but I’m willing to wait longer. Opera 12.16 runs just fine.