Download Opera 19 Alpha

By | November 19, 2013

Download Opera 19 AlphaJust be careful about your data.

Today, Opera has released the very first developer build of Opera 19, which finally includes one of the widely requested features: data sync. There are two things you need to know first though:

1) Data sync must be enabled via flags: opera://flags/#sync
2) Keep a local backup of all your data, it’s an experimental feature after all

As far as other changes go, there aren’t many yet although it should be noted that you can now opt in for the data collecting and that the Quick Access Bar has since been renamed to the Bookmarks Bar.

Opera 19 Developer (Windows)
Opera 19 Developer (Mac)

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  1. Žilvinas says:

    Does it have bookmarks yet?

  2. pseudo555 says:

    No real bookmark yet, but nt first alpha for opera 19 neither…
    It’s only the fisrt version since opera 15 where link is usable (at your own risk).

  3. Nekomajin42 says:

    This is the third 19 Developer build, but never mind…

  4. LIFE says:

    Linux: Opera Wine edition released

  5. And Opera 18 is out today.