Download Firefox 29 Alpha

By | November 21, 2013

Download Firefox 29 AlphaWith near final Australis UI.

If you’ve been eager to see the progress of long promised Australis UI then the latest Firefox UX Nightly might very well solve that.

In case you haven’t heard about Australis, check the video below. Basically, it’s Mozilla’s vision of streamlined and simplified user interface, which removes clutter and focuses on the details.

So when can you expect that? Depending on the feedback and such, Mozilla aims to push it to the final build with Firefox 29, which is set for April, 2014. Yes, still miles away.

Firefox 29 Alpha

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  1. Maxim says:

    lol. I’m sorry but this is absolutely terrible.

  2. Thomas K Christensen says:

    at first glance it looks pretty much like google chrome… but its actually a good thing, because after 1 day of using it, it feels nice and effective (just like chrome). Another thing is, it’s not version 29 yet, it’s 28.01a it seems like, UX is running just fine though. Im not sure I like that the actual UI takes up more space now but I guess its the way forward.

  3. mikeycali says:

    I’ve been using UX Nightly for quite some time now. I like(d) the UX style better than the previous long-term Firefox style. It was considerable effort to change and move (which didn’t end up looking right with other icons) the Firefox button. I’ve now navigated to the standard Nightly channel, but I might go back to UX again if they do some more desireable tweaks. My main gripe with the UX right now is that the min/max/exit buttons use the standard Windows (or whatever theme you’ve applied) format and it doesn’t look right with UX. I think they should re-skin them to match the rest of the theme, like Chrome does when you install new themes. With my about:config tweaks it is running as fast as Chrome (although Chrome still wins most benchmarks) in most areas.

  4. Now i feel that every browsers should think about memory usage. It has increased manyfold.

  5. Louwki says:

    I love it