Download Maxthon Browser 3.3.2 Final

By | December 30, 2011

Download Maxthon Browser 3.3.2 FinalBrings “Maxthon Extension Platform” and “Online History”.

It looks like many web browser vendors have decided to release a new version of their software right before or after the Christmas. As we stated in our review, while other companies copy, Maxthon does its own thing and the following version is no exception.

So what can you expect from this release?

Maxthon 3.3.2 now includes a well thought out “Online History” feature, which allows users to quickly search for the sites they visited and even back it up to the cloud.

Download Maxthon Browser 3.3.2 Final

Furthermore, users can now upload and download HTML as well as JavaScript extensions via just opened “Maxthon Extension Platform” (currently in testing mode).

But that is not all, here is just a small list of changes you can expect:

Maxthon Final Changelog

+ All extensions would run in independent processes for improving the browser stability.
+ MaxSnap would run in independent process. The process would exist if finished using the snap feature.
+ Resumed Smooth Scrolling.
* The startup speed of main program increased 36%.
* Improved the support to HTML 5, including Notification and the graphics performance.
* Supported Magic Fill in New Session.
* Improved the logic of Magic Fill.
* Improved the judgment logic of Magic Fill.
* Updated some internal pages, such as History, Quick Access, etc.
* Enabled the data sync of Smart Address Bar by default.

For a complete list of changes, see the following post.

Download Maxthon 3.3.2 Final

[Thanks, Blake]

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    There’s a build as well, dubbed as a “final final”.

    And after that was released yesterday a beta came out (which I’m using now). :)

  2. Rafael says:

    “while other companies copy, Maxthon does its own thing and the following version is no exception” Sorry, where?
    Online History – History sync, nothing new…
    Extensions – extensions!!! :P

    How are we supposed to believe these %?

    And as aways the integrated update checker doesn’t works!

    • Shane Bundy says:

      Online History – I Don’t Use
      Extensions – Nothing Interesting So Far
      The updater is always slower to pick up the update than we are.

      I’ve already quoted that speed claim on their forum and they did say something, but I can’t find it now. :-|

      • Rafael says:

        I meant I manually opened the update checker from the menu and it said I was using the latest version despite this version has been launched 10 days ago. So, there’s a malfunction.

        Hm, interesting to ask about it in the forums, I’ll search for a topic like this there.

  3. intruder says:

    does Maxthon support Direct2D?