Launches Its Own Web Browser

By | October 2, 2012 Launches Its Own Web Browser

Another Chrome clone.

Well, with everyone launching their own implementation of the Chromium web browser (aka the name and logo change), here comes another one and this time it’s from, Yandex, a Russian search company.

In addition to all the usual features that come with WebKit and Chromium, you will find two interesting things:

Yandex Browser has incorporated Kasperky’s smart filter, which will warn users about the potentially hazardous web sites.

And here is the icing on the cake: Yandex has teamed up with Opera Software to integrate Opera Turbo technology into their own web browser. That itself is an interesting move and might indicate another revenue stream for the Norwegian browser maker: licensing agreements.

Have you tried the Yandex Browser yet?


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  1. andr14 says:

    You forgot to mention the real icing — their interpretation of the human readable address bar.

  2. PC`EliTiST says:

    You mean “another Chromium clone”. Chrome is a Chromium clone, likewise.

  3. Mehran says:

    I never use Chrome or any other Chromium clones, except Comodo Dragon which is perfectly perfect, I also use their version of Firefox named Comodo IceDragon which is cool too.