Download Opera 12.10 Beta

By | October 2, 2012

Download Opera 12.10 BetaThis is it, after dozens of snapshots and weeks of waiting, the very first beta build of the Opera 12.10 web browser is here.

So what exactly can you expect from the following release? Quite a few changes, actually but most importantly, it promises to improve the overall web sites compatibility thanks to the support of the CSS vendor prefixes, such as: -webkit-background-size, -webkit-transform, etc.

In addition to that, Opera 12.10 includes SPDY support, which is far superior to the old and rusty HTTP standard and will benefit users that visit Twitter, Gmail and other, SPDY enabled sites.

As far as other changes go, Opera 12.10 Beta supports higher resolution displays, offers better compatibility for Windows 8 and Mountain Lion users as well as improved extension APIs.

For a complete list of changes, check the official changelog here.

Opera 12.10 Beta

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  1. Much better. Opera is the king again.

    • Raidoo Atb says:

      Testers did great job there, they pushed the developers to give all what they have in their pockets LOL, they even delayed the release of this Beta because testers weren’t happy about it.
      I hope it’s new start for more stable releases.

  2. Ronit Kumar says:

    They are really putting much effort in this.

  3. Mehran says:

    It’s lovely, using it day and night :-)