Xbox 360: Internet Explorer Is Free For The Month Of May

By | May 21, 2013

Xbox 360: Internet Explorer Is Free For The Month Of MayWhy would anyone pay it to use IE anyway?

Yes, Microsoft charges $60 a year to use Internet Explorer because it’s that good. The good news? Assuming it works, you will be able to watch today’s Xbox Reveal event right on your Xbox, no gold membership required.

What about everyone else? Just head over to the following page and enjoy the live stream experience, and in case you have a Windows Phone, Microsoft has just published a new app, allowing you to watch the event on your phone. Only 9 hours remain.

And here are a couple of (completely unrelated) Xbox .GIFs

Xbox 8

New Xbox Ballmer

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, Microsoft really have brainwashed a nation of idiots into paying for things that should be free, and getting them to believe that a console that took 4 years to make work, is better that one that was feature complete and working off the bat.

  2. Joe Wood says:

    Let’s keep the discussion technical… Gold membership is a requirement for any internet based service on the xbox because it proxies access to the internet. 8 years ago when XBOX Gold was created it was a defensive measure (this was back when MS was creating Windows XP SP 2 and had massive security problems). Look at the PSN as an indication of what can go wrong with security. The Gold membership fee really covers the cost for these apps to proxy the traffic. You’re not paying for IE, you’re paying for a proxy to the internet.

    That said, I hope we see a better network enabled architecture announced for the next gen XBox that doesn’t need such a draconian measure.

    • Mark says:

      Ironically, Microsoft have had numerous security issues with Xbox Live, but rather than coming clean and doing the open and honest thing, they brushed the problems under the carpet and paid the media to keep shut.

      Google for Xbox account hacking to see how big the problem is. the PSN problem (where nobody really lost anything in the end) is small fry, people are losing REAL money with Xbox Live security…