Google Removes 8.8 Million Lines Of WebKit Code From Blink

By | May 21, 2013

Google Removes 8.8 Million Lines Of WebKit Code From Blink  Cuts rendering time from 4 seconds to 32 ms as well.

If you were wondering with how much of a fragmentation Google has had to put up with before switching to Blink, then Alex Komoroske, Chrome’s Open Web Platform product manager, might give you an idea.

During Google’s I/O conference, Alex shared that the Blink team has already removed 8.8 million lines of code from the original WebKit source, which is quite impressive.

However, the improvements do not end there. After experimenting with a new rendering process that focuses only on page parts that are visible on the screen, Google engineers were able to cut the rendering time from 4 seconds to only 32 ms, at least in one particular demo.

Earlier this year, Google has promised to deliver the stable version of Google Chrome that utilizes Blink rendering engine as soon as in version 28, which is only weeks away.

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  1. Yes, impressive, but I am still waiting for Opera. (Will be long wait I guess.)

  2. kai says:

    I WANT OPERA 14, once tehy’ve fixe dthe rendering enigin, tehy ahve basically fixed 99% of all problems Opera had recently :o

  3. TNT291 says:

    GOOGLE Removes 8.8 Million Lines Of WebKit
    Where Opera ? Why they don’t help ? Opera didn’t do anything ?
    I need Opera 14, some hacker should hack into Opera HQ, stole the code and share it on thepiratebay