Windows 7: Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview Released

By | July 25, 2013

Windows 7: Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview ReleasedWindows 8 users will have to wait.

If you’ve been dying to test drive IE11 but are using Windows 7, then today is your lucky day as Microsoft has just announced the availability of Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Win7.

Just like in Windows 8.1, IE11 offers a variety of new capabilities including natively decoded JPG images in real time (using GPU), which means your laptop’s battery will last longer, pages could load faster and you will have more free memory available for other tasks.

What about the JavaScript performance?

IE11 vs. IE10

In addition to that, there are new developer tools, WebGL support and tons of new web standards support.

Internet Explorer 11

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  1. Larry Botha says:

    MS posted this graph on their site:

    yet the IE10 results are in stark contrast to Tom’s Hardware’s findings:,3459-6.html

    which are more indicative of the actual experience, and general poor performance of IE10 and development with Javascript.

  2. IE User says:

    IE team is definitely rocking!!

    Thanks for bringing all to Windows 7.

    Its unfortunate that they couldn’t get all those to Windows XP users.