Firefox about:config Preferences Explained

By | May 15, 2011

Firefox - What's That Preference?Remember How To Save And Quit In Firefox 4 and How To Activate Autocomplete In Firefox 4? Neat, little instructions, no? You did notice all the other options that were available when browsing the about:config page in Firefox but don’t have a clue with regards to what they do, right? Neither do I! Firefox is full of customization options you won’t find in your browser options screens but it’s not always easy to know what effect changing an about:config setting will have on your browser.

That is where What’s That Preference? comes in. What it does is add a context menu entry to Firefox when you are looking around about:config. All you have to do is right click onto any key you would like to learn about and the extension will send you straight over to the relevant knowledge base entry on MozillaZine, a popular, unofficial website about the Mozilla project considered to be the main site of the Mozilla community. This should certainly help the masses customize Firefox!

Firefox - What's That Preference?

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  1. Addons for addons for configs. That’s why people still regard IE as a browser and stick with it.

  2. Game says:

     FF is the most user-friendly browser. NOT

    • Armin says:

      I don’t know why you guys are hating on Firefox. It’s a pretty great browser by itself. These are only additional features you can turn on or off if you so desire. That’s the beauty of Firefox. You can leave it the way it is or make it your own.

      • Tiago Sá says:

        Nah… That sucks! What people want is browsers without customization, big corporations telling them what to do and on top of that spying on them, and then they come home bragging about how their google search loads 1,5% faster.

      • DWBH says:

        It’s ok with Add-ons.

      • Dave Keays says:

        The negatives I have about Firefox is the memory and color management, and the use of SQL-lite. I don’t think all the leaks have been fixed in 4, especially with multiple tabs. On Linux the color “improvement” makes things even worse. The use of SQL lite has added a layer obfuscation that it didn’t exist before. It is no longer is the small/fast/flexible browser it was when it came out.

        I’ll use add-ons for complex issues like NoScript, MeasueIt or ColorZilla but if I can mimic the actions of an add-on with one or two pref settings I do that instead.