What’s Inside Microsoft’s AOL Patents Pack?

By | June 25, 2012

What’s Inside Microsoft’s AOL Patents Pack?Few months ago, Microsoft has acquired a total of 925 patents from the AOL that are worth more than $1 billion.

Although 650 of those patents were later sold to Facebook for $650 million and remaining 275 licensed as well, it made us wonder, what exactly did Microsoft buy?

Thankfully, we have just learned more about the deal and it’s pretty fascinating. While we won’t tell you about all the juicy details, here is what they got when it comes to web browsers, at least according to the Envision IP:

AOL owns 81 patents related to browser technologies and user interfaces. These patents cover automatic form population, cache optimization, multilingual browser support, RSS feed technology, and webpage rendering. AOL also owns a handful of patents related to cookie tracking using a toolbar that date back to 2000.

Those are the only details so far but it looks like Microsoft has also bought dozens of patents related to search, encryption, network hardware and routing, spam filtering and more.

[Via Invision IP]

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