Internet Explorer 10 Features Dramatic JavaScript Improvements

By | June 22, 2012 | 13 Comments

Internet Explorer 10 Features Dramatic JavaScript ImprovementsWith the launch of the Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has introduced a new JScript engine called “Chakra”, which improved the overall browser performance, thanks to the JIT (just in time) compilation on a separate CPU core as well as other improvements.

Now, with the upcoming release of the Internet Explorer 10, the software giant is looking to evolve it even further.

According to the recently published (and very technical) blog post, IE10 performance will improve in many key areas for both games and applications, such as:

- Floating point intensive applications will be up to 50% faster than those running on IE9
- Thanks to fewer runtime shape checks, users will see up to 50% faster property access.
- Garbage collection is now at around 6% instead of the 27%.

Those are only the key points but in case you are interested in all the juicy details, check the following post.

Internet Explorer 10 is shaping up quite nicely and we can’t wait to test it out,

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  • Shane Bundy

    Imagine one big JS engine shootout: IonMonkey (Firefox), Chakra (IE10), V8 (Chrome (Maxthon uses a heavily modified V8)), JavaScriptCore (Safari) and Carakan (Opera).

    I would love to see that.

    • apád anyád

      That would be one hell of a test.
      Though, three of them can be compared already on the 3 main tests, all of them on the latest build versions.

    • Yoyo

      TIL Maxthon uses a heavily modified V8. is it faster thahn v8 in chrome ? damn so curious I must install Maxthon.

      • Shane Bundy

        Maxthon’s speed on SunSpider, for example, is roughly as fast as IE9′s results.

  • Guest

    Since now all the browsers are almost the same, now I want to see the battery power usage compared all the users on Windows RT 8, Windows Pro 8 and Windows Phone 8.

    • Shane Bundy

      Eww, Windows 8.


        What’s wrong with it? 

        And don’t say Metro, because it’s just a start menu replacement where you can simply pin apps, etc.

        Desktop is still here and start menu is in a much better shape than before:

        • Shane Bundy

          It’s not just Metro, it’s the overall feel of Windows 8. I understand that operating systems must evolve and can’t always look the same but I just don’t like Windows 8.

        • Maxim

          If you’d have used it for more than 10 minutes you would know whats wrong with it…

        • Asad Hasan

          Whats wrong with it…THE SAME THING THT WAS WRONG WITH THE OTHER 9 BROWSERS…it will be crap

        • Asad Hasan

          and before u correct me…Browsers IS the OS in todays time

    • Robb Irrgang

      “Since now all the browsers are almost the same”
      …as they say on the Internet, u mad son?

  • Turbo

    Faster, Faster, Faster…are we fast yet?