Weekly Browsers Recap, May 31st

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Weekly Browsers Recap, May 31st


Windows Phone 7 to Feature Upgradeable Internet Explorer
With many mobile web browser choices floating around, Internet Explorer is certainly not one of them.

Synchronize Between Firefox and iPhone with Firefox Home
Mozilla has recently announced an upcoming project that is “Firefox Home”.

Google Releases Chrome 5 Stable
Few days ago, Google has released the final version of Google Chrome 5 web browser, tagged as version 5.0.375.55, for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Google Chrome to Android Extension
Here is a nifty extension for Android 2.2 and Google Chrome users.

Opera Mini for iPhone: 2.6 Million Users
It appears that Opera Mini for the iPhone is doing really well.

Opera Pokes at Google Chrome Speed Test
Couple weeks ago, Google came up with Chrome speed test video.

Tab Phishing
As Mozilla Firefox creative lead Aza Raskin describes it, the attack is as elegant as it is simple.

uZard – Windows Mobile, BlackBerry Web Browser with Flash & Silverlight Support
uZard Web P is yet another web browser for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms.


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    Firefox for Windows  x64 nightly builds are available for testing since yesterday.

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