Google Chrome to Android Extension

By | May 29, 2010 | 6 Comments

Here is a nifty extension for Android 2.2 and Google Chrome users.

You can now send links from your web browser directly to your Android device using Cloud to Device Messaging service.

As for other platform users, there is always a mail.



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  • Techwatch

    Love Chrome so much better than Firefox

  • Tiago Sá

    Hate Chrome. It sucks. No features. Firefox rules.

    • Rafael

      o.O But Firefox doesn’t has features also. The features are add-ons made by third parties.
      Only Opera, Safari, Flock, Maxthon and Avant really comes with features.

    • kannedfaru

      Chrome does everything a browser is supposed to without bs. Firefox hasn’t caught on to that trend yet because they’re still trying to compete with IE. Chrome has already beaten both of them by adding extension support. Things in life change, it’s time to move on

  • Rudradeep

    @Above, Flock is a derivative of Fx wth addons! . you cant add it in d league of Opera, Chrome! Safari has some good features, but it sucks on Windows!

  • Foo

    Also available as a Firefox extensions, Send to Phone.