SurfCube 3D, Now With Windows Phone 8 Support

By | January 30, 2013

SurfCube 3D, Now With Windows Phone 8 SupportAs more and more developers optimize their apps for the HD resolution displays, SurfCube 3D did too receive an update, bumping its version number to v4.5.

If you can get around the awkward interface, SurfCube 3D will offer you a couple of features that are currently missing in the mobile version of Internet Explorer 10, such as: orientation lock and ability to open links in the background. However, we are pretty confident that the developer is mostly targeting WP7 users as they lack some of the more important features like bandwidth saver mode and a proper tab management.

SurfCube 3D 4.5 Changelog

– Optimized for WP8
– Support for HD phones
– Fast App Resume
– Added loading progress indicator
– Temporarily disabled Bing due to it launching the built-in Bing app instead
– Context menu is working again

SurfCube 3D, Now With Windows Phone 8 Support

On a downside, the developer has decided to implement ads that will cost you $1.99 to remove. Whether or not it’s worth the price, it’s up for you to decide.

SurfCube 3D 4.5

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  1. neau says:

    Is this 2005 and browsers still have advertisments? Some people.