Google Chrome Tip: Reclaim Hijacked New Tab Page

By | January 30, 2013

Google Chrome Tip: Reclaim Hijacked New Tab PageThe joys of installing everything.

If for one reason or another your browser’s new tab page screen has suddenly changed, there is a high probability that it was just hijacked by the 3rd party extension(s) such as: good-search, conduit, searching4all and similar names.

Fortunately, not all is lost yet and you can claim it back by following these simple steps:

– Go to Settings > Extensions
– Look for extension names that are suspicious to you, especially those containing keywords like “Search” or “Page”.

If you can’t find anything weird, check for those that were “installed by a third party” and especially those that have “not from Chrome Web Store” definition underneath their names.

– Click on the trash can icon to delete them

Your job is done. If for one reason or another it still does not work, try managing the pre-defined “Search Engines” as see whether or not there is some additional junk floating around.

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