September, 2013 Desktop Market Share: Internet Explorer, Safari – Up; Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera – Down

By | October 10, 2013

Starting with Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s web browser continues to edge higher, up from 57.60% to 57.80% (0.2 point increase).

After minor gain last time, Firefox resumes its downtrend, its market share has decreased by 0.18 point, from 18.88% to 18.60%.

Chrome too is having some trouble recovering its share, down from 16.00% to 15.96% (0.04 point decrease).

Surprisingly, Apple’s Safari is the only browser after IE that has managed to strengthen its position, up from 5.59% to 5.77% (0.18 point increase).

Lastly, Opera, and there are no changes here, its market share continues to drop, down by 0.06 point, from 1.53% to 1.47%.

That’s all for now, folks.

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  1. Opera lasted more than 15 years on a 0.68% because PC is not Opera’s main plattform. Now we are 1.47%? That is amazing!!!

    • Lophs says:

      Actually it has fluctuated between 1 to 3 percent depending on who you ask. And yes the PC specifically Windows division was the main development branch. In fact he first official opera release was in 1994 on windows.

      • Opera main market is mobile and smart devices, like TVs and GPS stuff, PC is not primary.

        Nobody gives a shit about the beginnings.

        • Lophs says:

          No, its success is on mobile, but most of the development development team as been desktop since day one so Opera does give a shit even though apparently an certain ignorant opera fanboy doesn’t.

          Major changes like introducing Caragan, turbo were introduced in desktop then merged downwards to mobile and other many months afterwards.

  2. cobrazombie says:

    Opera is going after the mainstream with its new stripped-down webkit browser. Will alienating its core users gamble pay off?