Said Nobody Ever (Pic)

By | July 25, 2012 | 8 Comments

It’s that time of the summer again: IE bash time.

Said Nobody Ever (Pic)

“I always trust Internet Explorer for my browsing needs.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

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  • Shane Bundy

    I don’t really like Google Chrome anyway, but instead I prefer the Chromium project which is truly open source. And because it’s also the “early dev” builds of Chrome we get a far more updated WebKit and V8 engines compared to the “consumer” releases. :3

  • NGA

    Why do they keep on pushing 16-months-old IE9?
    Instead, releasing IE10 beta (or whatever name they called it) for Windows 7 would be much better for their promotion on tech headlines.

    • En_joy

      They surely wouldn’t promote an unreleased browser (that still has bugs).

      Seems like they’re trying to stem the influx of Chrome users, as well as get lingering IE8ers to join the rest of us in the future (though calling IE9 “the future” is questionable at best).

      • Shane Bundy

        They did say beta – betas have bugs but it would be better than waiting an eternity for a finished product.


          It has RTMed now :)

          • Shane Bundy

            Which one – IE10 or Windows 8? Don’t say Windows 8.

  • Devon RW
    • WOFall

      With somewhat different punctuation and capitalization at that :p