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By | July 25, 2012

Download Apple Safari 6No Windows version yet.

With the release of Mac OS X 10.8, Apple has also published the final build of its Safari web browser and unfortunately for some of the fans out there, it’s Mac only.

As we reported earlier, the latest release of Safari 6 includes a pack of new features but most importantly, it does boost the overall performance of the web browser as well. How?

Thanks it its Nitro JavaScript engine, it will now utilize multiple cores on your Mac PC and speed up the CSS rendering. In addition to that, a scrolling experience is said to be much smoother and we are eager to try it out.

Download Apple Safari 6

Safari 6 Changelog / New Features

– Unified Smart Search Field
– Tab View
– iCloud Tabs
– Built-in sharing
– Better Privacy
– Offline Reading List
– Improvements for Chinese Users
– Developer Features

For more details, check the following page.

Safari 6

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    Apple did say they were working on smoothing the scrolling performance with this version. I’ve noticed that browsers have started to become sluggish when scrolling nowadays. This never used to be the case before.

    Also, there is no download link on the Safari page – It has to be updated via the Mac App Store.

  2. Iwillnotregister says:

    Is the new scrolling performance really that good?

  3. Guest says:

    Apple kills off Safari for Windows