Safari 4 Final Released

By | June 9, 2009

Safari 4 Final
Picture Source: cNet

At the WWDC today Apple has announced the final version of Safari 4 web browser for both, Windows and Mac OS X. As I am kind of getting bored with all the lies from them, won’t even comment their latest statement: “world’s fastest and most innovative web browser.” (according to AppleInsider) Good for them, I guess.

Few new features in the final release are:
— Top Sites, offering a visual preview of frequently visited and favorite pages
— Full History Search, to search through titles, web addresses and the complete text of recently viewed pages
— Cover Flow, to easily flip through web history or bookmarks.
— Smart Address Fields for automatically completing web addresses from an easy to read list of suggestions
— Search Fields, to fine tune searches with recommendations from Google Suggest or a list of recent searches
— Full Page Zoom, for a closer look at any website without degrading the quality of the site’s layout and text.



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  1. mr.r says:

    It is fast (according to Peacekeeper benchmark it’s the fastest browser on most platforms), but it surely isn’t innovative.

    It is polished however, but very poor on functionality (same as Chrome). Especially compared to Opera.

    • que says:

      It isn’t “fast”. It’s optimized for certain JS functions. Peacekeeper is just yet another artificial and irrelevant JS benchmark.

      • nobody says:

        given the scope of peacekeper test it is optimised for 100% of functions. in any JS speed test safari wins it hands down.

        • que says:

          Peacekeeper is just another artificial JS speed test. Safari does not wind hands down. In fact, Chrome is faster at these artificial JS tests than Safari.

          But the point is that Peacekeeper, SunSpider, etc. don’t say anything what so ever about real world performance. They only say something about how optimized the JS engine is for what those tests cover, namely a tiny and artificial part of JS, which makes up only a tiny part of the time it takes to render a page.

  2. Gabriela says:

    I tried the beta version.
    It wasn’t at all fast and I couldn’t find any help either online or within the browser for the new features considering I coudn’t make the Top Sites nor the Cover Flow work.
    So I unistalled as soon as I had installed it!