RIM Introduces Webkit Browser

By | February 16, 2010

RIM Introduces Webkit Browser
Last year, Research in Motion has acquired mobile web browser maker Torch Mobile, which used WebKit rendering engine for its product(s).

Following that acquisition, today RIM has demonstrated an early build of WebKit based browser for BlackBerry phones.

Although it’s still in development, early builds already scores 100/100 in ACID3 test and renders pages pretty quickly. The estimated time of arrival is still unknown.

Thanks to nobody for news tip.

Picture Source: Engadget


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  1. nobody says:

    i simply love that mouse-like pointer. it might make using UI javascript events a bit easier than in ‘spatial like’ browsers (almost all others, operas, ‘browsers’ on android/iphone etc), where there is no such thing like mouseout/over/in and you have to relly on not-so-robust tricks and conversions..

    • cousin333 says:

      Opera Mobile also has a pointer…

    • Dels says:

      Opera Mobile and Mini have mouse pointer (cursor), i have a Symbian and WinMo phones that aren’t touch screen phone.

      Futhermore the use of mouse pointer (cursor) seemingly non-practical on touch screen devices as we use our finger directly as pointer, so don’t expect it on BB Storm series.

  2. NookSurfer says:

    Sweet!!! I think this will def gain some brownie points with the top exec and corp users. Now they can whine a little bit less about how their kids’ iPhone looks so much cooler

  3. Sergiu says:

    “Thanks to nobody for news tip.” lol it sounds funny if you don’t know that nobody is a user.

  4. nvm says:

    That looks pretty crappy. The Android browser and Safari are much better.

  5. When Webkit is far, far away from fully supporting HTML5, I can’t see how they can say that (in the first image).