Opera Mobile 10 for Android Video Demo

By | February 17, 2010

Opera Mobile on Android

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks for link.


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  1. Dels says:

    i already wait for “nobody” to comment about this… okay what do he/she will say now? Opera Mobile for iPhone?

  2. nobody says:

    ‘i want opera mobile for iphone’ :) yes, i want

    however, i wouldnt make much fuss about tech demo, and wait for its availability to public. ‘soon’ often means never, unfortunatelly

    • Somebody says:

      I think there won’t be a public version available anytime soon as Opera said the Android version will be available only for the OEMs and Manufacturers. But atleast they have a running version which has been demoed ;) .
      Hopefully, some manufacturer will put it on their Android mobile soon.

  3. tomassplatch says:

    and then guys from xda will hopefuly make it available for any rooted android phone…